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A Unique Way to Put Your Health First: By Breathing Clean Air!

June 01, 2021

You prepare a healthy smoothie the night before you wake up early to go to the gym. You track your water intake and steps when you’re trying to get fit. You change around your life and make significant sacrifices to improve your health…

But what about the air you breathe?

Research indicates that indoor air quality is a health concern that most of us don’t think about. Our lungs are incredibly complex organs that are working for us 24/7. Most of your hours are spent indoors, so it makes sense to help yourself (and your lungs) breathe easier. With the best air purifier on the market, this healthy choice doesn’t require you to wake up early!

FilterQueen is the industry leader in air purifiers and sincerely cares about enhancing the lives of our customers. Better air quality is beneficial to everyone, regardless of fitness or lifestyle. Today we’re going to share some reasons why it’s a good investment when you’re thinking about making healthier choices for yourself.

You Protect Yourself from Obvious Stuff that Harms Health — What About the Air?

In December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended these top 5 tips to be healthy1:

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet
  2. Consume Less Sugar & Salt
  3. Reduce Intake of Harmful Fats
  4. Avoid Dangerous Alcohol Levels
  5. Don’t Smoke

While they had a much longer list, these made the top 5. Some obvious things we know are part of being healthy, like quitting smoking (or never picking it up), and eating fresh, whole foods. Naturally, the super tasty stuff like sugar and salt we have to be careful with.

It’s not every day you think about the air you’re breathing, but at FilterQueen that’s all we think about! In fact, according to Our World Data, “indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of premature death.” Clean air is serious business!

There’s some nasty stuff that lingers in the air that’s been proven to cause negative health problems. Some pollutants are well-known and we understand we need to be careful with them, like carbon monoxide (CO).

Different concentrations of CO can cause adverse health effects like2:

  • Fatigue
  • Impaired Vision
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Flu-Like Symptoms

Luckily, we have a simple solution to make sure the levels in your home are safe with carbon monoxide detectors. Double-check yours in all the rooms of your home and make sure to discuss any symptoms with your primary care provider.

What about all the other gross stuff stuck in the air that ends up in our lungs? Think mold spores, dust, bacteria, and viruses…ew! Investing in the best air purifier is a healthy decision because removing them from the air you breathe day in and day out does matter.

Being healthy is about the long haul – not short-term, quick results. Breathing air free from harmful toxins and pollutants is a lifelong investment that improves your quality of life. And with our Defender air purifier, it doesn’t have to be a tough, painful decision! We love making it simple and easy to breathe better.

Positive Changes You May Notice With Purified Air in Your Space

FilterQueen has been improving indoor air quality since 1928. While you may buy an air purifier for different reasons, we know health is at the top of the list. You’re looking to improve your home’s air, and that’s something we live and breathe every day. Here at FilterQueen, we make it simple to get real results.

What do some of our customers notice?

  • They breathe easier – literally.
  • They notice an improvement in sleep – healthy for everyone!
  • It simply smells fresh and cleanall the time.
  • They experience significant improvements with allergy and asthma symptoms.

These are just some of the benefits cleaner air provides. You might even feel like your home is cleaner (less dust) and feel better overall. Healthy decisions are truly about improving your quality of life. You want to keep up with your kids or grandkids, keep playing your favorite sport, or just feel better — every single day. Being healthy isn’t just a choice; it’s a lifestyle, and we know purified air can help.

We proudly offer not only free 2-day shipping, but a 30-day worry-free trial!

Not only is our air purifier the best on the market — it’s also backed with the finest customer service you’ll ever encounter from a company. We want you to experience the difference it makes for our customers all over the world. 

Is The Defender Air Purifier Your Next Healthy Decision?

Healthy options are about enhancing your daily experience, feeling better inside and out, and increasing your quality of life. Since we spend much of our time indoors, what’s lingering in your home environment matters to your health.

When you have the best air purifier quietly working 24/7 for you, you’ll notice the difference in how you feel. You’ll also get added protection for whatever life throws your way. When SARS-CoV-2 hit, our customers were thrilled to know the air they were breathing at home or work was safer — because they were using the Defender. Now, we have verified results to back it up.

Whatever reason you’re looking to improve your health, start thinking about the air too. We’re here to answer any questions you may have before trying the Defender. We hope you’ll join our growing group of happy, healthy customers who are now breathing easier. 

Learn More About The Defender Air Purifier Here!


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